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About us

Experts in the transformation of plastic materials

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The competences gained in more than 60 years of activity in the production of plastic stock shapes and technical industrial components made of engineering plastica; an organization structured at an international level in units specialized in the different processes of plastic injection moulding, composite fibers and hard coating on polycarbonate; a presence spread on the international market through a group of productive societies in Italy, England, Holland, Indonesia and South Africa, controlled by Bell Safety holding; these are the strengths which make Omnia Plastica and all the companies in the group a reference in the field of injection moulding and stock shapes produced by extrusion, casting and RIM.
The deep knowledge of the way of transforming plastics, together with the constant investments in plants and equipments, are the main topics that have been leading Omnia Plastica since 1950.

Processes and products always under control

Omnia Plastica operates according to a quality management system certified according to UNI EN ISO9001: 2015 issued by the Italian Institute of Plastics (IIP).
The certification involves all the production divisions: from the raw material incoming, through the processing, up to the semi-finished or finished parts in order to supply products in quality.
The assurance of a constant quality comes out from automated production processes and monitoring procedures carried out by trained and constantly up-to-date staff.
Omnia Plastica is a member of IAPD (International Association of Plastics Distributors) and EPDA (European Plastics Distributors Association).

An on-going development path


1950 60 omniaplastica stampaggio 3Pierino Castiglioni founded Omnia Plastica SAS. The company core business focused on technical items injection moulding.


1950 omniaplastica1Pierino Castiglioni company has been officially established.


1950 60 omniaplastica stampaggio 2The moulding division expands with new presses.


1950 60 omniaplastica stampaggio 4New technical staff is hired to support new customers’ needs.


1958 omniaplastica estrusioneInauguration of the extrusion process of technical semi-finished plastics.
1960 omniaplastica estrusioneFurnaces to removed internal product strain.


1959 omnia plastica cascoOmnia Plastica diversified its business by producing the first motorcycle polycarbonate helmet. This event marked the starting point of a production devoted to high technological finished molded products with abrasion-resistant and anti-fog treatment.


1965 omniaplasticaFirst firefighter helmet made out of polycarbonate for the United States.


1972 omniaplasticaIndustrial Plastics Europe BV was born in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. The over 4,500 square meter production unit is devoted to the production of high technological and wear-resistant semi-finished plastics and plastic components.


1978 omniaplastica impianto castOmnia Plastica invests in the anionic polymerization of caprolactam, that is to say, cast PA6 casting.


logo plastici industriali1The company Plastici Industriali srl was born. The 2,500 square meter facility located in Cinisello Balsamo deals with the production and distribution of semi-finished plastics, highly technological finished and semi-finished components made of polymeric materials.


1984 omniaplastica indurimento superficialeOmnia Plastica invested in the hard coating of polycarbonate pieces moulded with optic quality.


logo Plastim LtdThe internationalization process moves on with the creation of Plastim Ltd. In the actual plant of 2.000 square meters, thermoplastic materials are produced for UK and Ireland market.


2000 scudo AntisommossaOmnia Plastica takes part in the group Bieffe Holding Srl and acquires the division devoted to products for public order: anti-riot shields, tactical body armors, protective helmets, batons, masks.


logo Bell HelmetsOmnia Plastica acquires Bell’s trademark for motorcycle helmets and public order helmets and founded Bell Motohelmets srl; then, Motosport srl is founded, based in Lucca to produce, assemble and distribute dot and jet motorcycle helmets both for sports, free time and public order.


logo vista kusumaDevelopment to East Asia where, through the co-participation of one of the biggest companies producing sports helmets, the society PT Vista Kusuma was created for the production of helmet visors and optic screens with abrasion-resistant treatments.


logo compositi industrialiThe company Compositi Industriali srl devoted to the production of composite fibers is incorporated into the society Motosport srl.


2013 plastemPLASTEM (Pyt) LTD is born in Johannesburg, Africa. This company deals with the resale and mechanical processing of plastic sheets.