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stampaggio per estrusione omniaplastica 300x168

Rods, sheets, tubes

omnia plastica barre lastre tubi 300x42

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Cast nylon 6. The method of production of this polyamide (i.e. the polymerisationof the caprolactam directly in the mould) allows the production of stock shapes in larger than normal dimensions, such as big rings or very thick sheets. The general features are similar to those of PA66.6, which means that it is stiffer and more brittle than extruded PA6.



  • wear resistance: good even in demanding environments. Tensile stress and compressive strength: the toughness is better than that of extruded PA6 and fatigue resistance is very high
  • self-lubricating: the friction coefficient is low and generally for sliding applications it does not require lubricators
  • ageing resistance: weatherproof, with good resistance at low temperature
    natural colour


Weak point

  • Like extruded nylon 6 it is hygroscopic. Due to its high fragility (in comparison with extruded PA6) it is advisable to use cast nylon for larger-sized pieces. Because of the molecular structure, large-sized cast pieces have a better quality than those of small dimensions.



  • omniaplastica usi meccaniciMechanical: thanks to the possibility of obtaining large-sized pieces this material is widely used in the mechanical field to produce large diameters gears, cams, pulleys, wheels and anti-wear guides. In the building of parts for construction machines, excavators and earthmovers it is used for gear wheels, guide bearings, sliding bearings, etc.
  • omniaplastica usi alimentariFood contact: generally it is not used in contact with food
  • omniaplastica usi elettrici Electrical: usage in the electrical field is to be avoided as the electrical properties change with the moisture content
  • omniaplastica usi chimici Chemical: it is resistant to alkali, inorganic compounds and solvents