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Advanced engineering plastics

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Rods, sheets, tubes

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Semicrystalline polymer. Material with high mechanical and thermal properties (up to 240°C.). It resists to creep under load and to wear, its friction coefficient is low.The temperature resistance without load is high but it is reduced by the additon of load even if limited.


  • High temperature: it resists beyond 240°C. (The Heat distorsion temperature is 162°C)
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient
  • Electrically insulation


Weak Point

  • Very high cost
  • Load bearing decreases above 140° C
  • Not inherently U.V. stable



  • omniaplastica usi meccanici Mechanical: the dimensional stability at temperature is high, as well as the heat resistance. The components obtained have a high wear resistance and are self-lubricated. It is used to high performance pieces at low as well as at high temperatures:gears bushes, in aircraft and aerospace industries
  • omniaplastica usi alimentari Food contact: physiologically inert if natural.
  • omniaplastica usi elettrici Electrical: very good dielectric and insulating properties
  • omniaplastica usi chimiciNuclear: high resistance to gamma radiation