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Acetal resin and polyester

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Rods, sheets, tubes

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Semi-crystalline polyester modified with solid lubricants. It has excellent mechanical and tribological properties. It has a high dimensional stability, a very low coefficient of friction combined with low friction characteristics and superior self-lubricating; all this enhances the typical characteristics of Arnite; it shows excellent results in precision applications, also for use without lubrication, with rapid cycling and high surface speeds. Very suitable for machine processing. Approved for contact with food.


  • low coefficient of friction, suitable for “dry”use
  • High resistance to wear
  • dimensional stability for both temperature and humidity
  • excellent machinability
  • compatibility with food


Weak Point

  • the material is hard, the impact resistance is not high
  • If used in a wet environment must not exceed 80 ° C
  • sensitive to hydrolysis
  • the material sometimes subject to minimum quantities / preparation times associated with the production



  • omniaplastica usi meccaniciMechanical: given the low coefficient of friction is a material that is particularly used for sliding bearings, slides, guides, etc
  • omniaplastica usi alimentari Food contact: Food is physiologically inert and is widely used in food machinery
  • omniaplastica usi elettriciElectrical: The excellent electrical characteristics maintained over time they do largely used for insulators or electrical applications