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Acetalic resin

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Rods, sheets, tubes

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Polyoxymethylene, commonly called Acetal, is a crystalline polymer obtained from the polymerisation of formaldehyde. Discovered fairly recently (1960), it has enjoyed rapid growth and large acceptance thanks to it’s excellent mechanical features, stability to humidity and ease of machining. All our stock shapes made of POM are marked along the whole length with product code and batch number, according to ISO 9002 standards.


  • High fatigue resistance
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Compressive strength, shock resistance, even at low temperature
  • Excellent machinability especially used on automatic equipment
  • Colour natural and black


Weak Point

  • Compared to PA6 it has a lower abrasion resistance, particularly in dirty and dusty environments.



  • omniaplastica usi meccanici Mechanical: it is one of the most commonly used engineering plastics for mechanical applications such as bearings, cams, gears with low torque, gear wheels, conveyor rollers and precision machined components requiring dimensional stability and tight tolerances
  • omniaplastica usi alimentari Food contact: being physiologically inert it is suitable for food contact. It can be used in water at 80° C.
  • omniaplastica usi elettrici Electrical: as it is not hygroscopic, it is commonly used for electric components such as insulators
  • omniaplastica usi chimiciChemical: it is resistant to alkali and organic compounds. Thanks to its good chemical properties it is suitable for pump components, flanges and components for chemical plants