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Through the internal divisions devoted to machining, injection moulding, custom casting and reaction injection moulding, Omnia Plastica provides its customers with a technical service to choose the most appropriate solutions for their applications in terms of material and production process, thus transforming a drawing into a piece.

Omnia Plastica is the only company in Italy to have three plants devoted to the production of RIM (reaction injection moulding) moulded pieces, stocking caprolactam in pre-heated tanks whose capacity is about 26,000 litres, able to produce pieces with dimensions up to 500 kg and over 2 meters length.

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Main applications

The main pieces produced by Omnia Plastica by means of the anionic polymerization of caprolactam find application in the field of transports,industry and shipyards. Some examples :

  • Crane feet, tested up to 20,920, kg of compression
  • Pulley for cables with diameter from 300 to 1,200 mm
  • Reels for cables, flange diameter from 800 to 2,200 mm
  • Levelling screw blocks for shipbuildings load up to 120 tons
  • Rotor housing for helicopters
  • Optic fiber cables housings for outside applications

Main features

The anionic polymerization of caprolactam allows producing finished parts with the following features:

  • weight from 5 to 500 kg each one
  • big dimensions
  • Grade of nylon with high mechanical features
  • big thicknesses
  • no inclusions or voids even in big dimension pieces


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