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HELMET: OMNIA PLASTICA moves the assembly phase to Busto Arsizio 0

Posted on 13, March 2019

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Omnia Plastica, specialised in the processing of plastics, has decided to transfer the assembly phase of its HELMETs to the Busto Arsizio plant, the company’s headquarters. This activity was previously performed at the production plant located in Tuscany. MOTORCYCLE HELMETS AND SAFETY HELMETS Omnia Plastic produces both safety helmets for law enforcement agencies and helmets for motorcyclists.Through the moulding of special composite fibres such as carbon fibre, ballistic Kevlar, aramid fibre and multi-axial fibres, the company is able to provide products characterised by extremely high safety standards and resistance, in addition to being lightweight.  ASSEMBLY OF HELMETS IN BUSTO ARSIZIO [&hellip

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