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    Extrusion process

    production lines for plastic materials processing and transformation and technical semi-finished plastics production with constant section (tubes, channels, profiles, slabs).

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    PA6 Casting

    production lines to obtain technical semi-finished plastics with constant section through anionic polymerization of caprolactam.

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    Custom casting moulding

    production lines to obtain, on the basis of the customer's drawing, engineering plastics through anionic polymerization of caprolactam

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    Injection moulding

    production lines devoted to the production of small dimensions finished plastic rods through injection moulding presses.

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    Hard coating

    facilities devoted to silicone coating of transparent or coloured plastic pieces and polycarbonate printed products

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    Composite fibers moulding

    facilities mainly devoted to the production of helmets made of carbon fibres, ballistic Kevlar, aramid fibre, multi axial fibres

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  • 1 Extrusion process
    Extrusion process

  • 2 PA6 Casting

  • 3 Custom casting moulding

  • 4 Injection moulding

  • 5 Hard coating

  • 6 Composite fibers moulding

Since 1950, our mission has been transforming plastics.

We produce engineering stock shapes as well as finished parts for industrial applications, we are specialized in antiscratch and antifog hard coating of aesthetic parts, a new born process unit dedicated to composite fibers completes our know-how. Step by step we can follow our customers starting from the project, through the production of stock shapes or finished parts, up to the final tests: during the years we have gathered several Companies under the Bell Safety Holding in order to offer you all comprehensive proficiency in the field of plastic materials.


Being aware of the fact that we are very experienced in the business of plastic material processing, the owners of Omnia Plastica decided to create this exciting new division, which is for the study, design and production of top quality packaging products, fancy goods, accessories and furniture for the modern lifestyle.
With plastic you can easily change an object's shape and achieve different functions. Furthermore plastic allows increased savings of fossil raw materials compared to those used in conventional material production.

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