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Protective visors donated to the Italian Red Cross 0

Posted on 26, May 2020

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Protective visors for the Red Cross

The protective visors, designed and manufactured by Omnia plastica, are already in the hands of the Red Cross of Sesto San Giovanni, in the province of Milan.

A free supply of face shields by Omniaplastica

The free supply by Omnia plastica was delivered in the last few days to the Italian Red Cross of Sesto San Giovanni. The important donation included: the OMNIA COV19 full face shield, which protects the face against breathing and droplets.

An aid for healthcare workers

“It’s our way of saying thank you to those who are helping us”, explains Luca Castellanza, Omnia Group Managing Director.

The product was shown to be indispensable during the most critical stages of the COVID emergency and remains an essential item of protective equipment for all those who need to have close contact with patients.

Business ethics during COVID

Omnia plastica had already demonstrated, well before COVID 19, the strong ethical connotations of its approach to business.

The donation of protective equipment to Red Cross operators is only the latest in a series of commonplace gestures characterising the Group’s work ethic.
“The protective visor was one of the products in highest demand over the last few months; we felt as though it was our duty to deliver a free supply to Red Cross operators, who are always at the front line protecting our health”.

The clear visor guarantees healthcare workers elevated protection and comfort thanks to the ergonomic closure, anti-fog and scratch-proof treatment.

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