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Posted on 9, April 2020

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Already in stock for orders of up to 5,000 pieces per week, the OMNIA COV19 full face shield protects the face against breathing and spraying. Designed to protect healthcare workers and safety operators, especially now, it is currently in high demand due to the COVID emergency. Face shields: what are face shields? They are protective devices for the face, suitable for operators required to maintain a minimum interpersonal distance (healthcare workers, safety operators) and who need to be able to move.

Advantages of face shield

The face shield, especially during the circulation of the Coronavirus, is widely used for the added protection of healthcare workers, given that compared to simple safety glasses it offers full face coverage, including the nose and mouth, shielding the face against breathing and spraying. Use of the face shield is not a substitute for nose and mouth masks and allows the additional use of goggles and prescription glasses.

Anti-fog mask

A special protective treatment applied to the inner side of the mask prevents the surface from fogging up due to breathing. This technique ensures the continuous transparency of the device, guaranteeing optimal vision.

Scratch-proof shield

On the outside of the mask, a special scratch-proof treatment allows transparency to be maintained at maximum levels, in addition to protecting the shield against wear.

Ergonomic closure

The ergonomic closure, thanks to the application of a Velcro attachment system, allows maximum adaptability in terms of size and wearability. The perfect adherence of the closure has been designed to guarantee utmost comfort and practicality.

EC and EN166 certified clear face shield

The product has the following certification: EC certification: satisfies EU safety requirements as per standard EN166: specific regulation for the production of eye protection devices, which guarantees sturdiness, resistance to impact, combustion, corrosion, disinfection, low thermal conductivity, the absence of annoying protrusions and irregularities, physiological inertia (so as not to cause skin irritations or reactions), image deforming effects (astigmatic, spherical or prismatic effect).

Our face shields are available for sale. We kindly request that you place your orders as soon as possible in order to guarantee fast delivery times and the regular processing of requests.

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