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Plastic and Food: Strict regulations 0

Posted on 12, October 2018

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Plastic and Food: Strict regulations
Due to increasingly strict international regulations, many companies have had to abandon the production of plastic packaging and articles for the food sector.
Particularly, European legislation EN 10/2011 regulates how the industry utilizes plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

What do the new rules signify?
The provisions relative to the articles intended to come into contact with food will have a great impact on the entire supply chain of these plastics. The complexity of implementing these actions will affect the process of moulding the plastics as well as the assembly of the various components which will come into contact with food and beverages.

Safety first!
OMNIAPLASTICA has decided to accept this challenge and to invest on safety and on new designs for food containers.
All materials destined for packaging or general contact with edible food are certified and rigorously comply with all relevant legislation and other applicable standards.

Plastic Design
OMNIA DESIGN is a division of OMNIAPLASTICA dedicated to the life-style and novelty of the packaging sector and interior design.
Due to its pliability, plastic is available in a wide range of forms and colors which allows for an end product which is not only functional and practical, but also beautiful!
The only limit is your imagination.