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Police helmet: another way we contribute to safety during COVID 19 0

Posted on 9, April 2020

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Casco polizia

Omnia Plastica’s activities also include the production of safety devices for law enforcement agencies (state police helmet and local police helmet).

This, we believe, is yet another way to keep you safe.

Police helmet production

During any period of instability or unrest, people need specific points of reference, institutions they can trust with their safety. The local police are dedicating themselves with utmost commitment to regulating exceptional situations, which, given the current health crisis, may lead to moments of tension or disorder: endless queues outside supermarkets, new types of behaviour to adopt (or abandon).

Our protective police helmets abroad

In recent weeks, there’s been a push for the production of safety devices not only by our own country, but also by other European nations.

The Czech Republic in particular asked for our support, submitting a request to supply their state police with our helmets. We responded to the call, promptly preparing the supply.

We thank them for having chosen us and are once more very proud to have contributed, in this special way, to ensuring the safety of the men and women, who every day, today more than ever, are looking after our well-being.

Our safety helmets

Omnia Plastica produces and sells protective helmets used by law enforcement agencies, as well as motorcycle helmets.

We use technologically evolved and high-performing materials such as carbon fibre, ballistic Kevlar, aramid fibre and multi-axial fibres, in order to deliver to our clients products that satisfy extremely high safety standards.

Resistance and lightness are the two qualities at the top of the list of the requirements our helmets must satisfy, and to do so we monitor the entire process, including the assembly and testing stages.

Helmet: safety and design

While comfort and performance are the most important elements of a helmet, design too plays an important role in obtaining a high-quality finished product.

Hence why we never stop experimenting and testing our helmets, certain that each of our developments will be an advantage for all of you.

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