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Hard coating

Hard coating

processi trattamenti superficiali def

The hard coating process consists of a silicone covering coated on clear or coloured polycarbonate pieces with the purpose to increase their abrasion, anti-fog,
water repellent and U.V. resistances. The coating grants longer life to the finished parts, protecting their physical and physiological properties.

Omnia Plastica carries out the hard coating processing on three dip lines run by anthropomorphic robots in clean rooms.
The full automatic dip plants are able to coat both antiscratch and antifog pieces at high production cycles, with the results of reduced cost without jeopardizing the finished product quality.

The main sectors that use products created through the hard coating are:

Lenses for protective goggles, motorcycle helmet's visors, lenses for diving masks.

Motorbike windscreens, motorbike and car screenlights, cars and motorbike dashboards, agricultural and earth-moving machine windows, abrasion-resistant panels or handles.

Instrument's displays, electronic equipment fronts, stereos, viewer, monitors, equipment for external use.

Clear boxes, trays.

Boat portholes, anti-shock windows, instruments, anti-ageing parts for outdoor use.

Indoor and outdoor lamp screens, scratch-resistant aesthetic pieces.